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Today as promised some pics of my small Quaker alphabet wall hanging:

Isn’t it cute? It goes together pretty well with the colour of the wood panelling in our living room.


Yes, 2009, that was when I finished the embroidery – and yes, it has been lying in a cupboard THAT long!

The black backing fabric was my husband’s shirt in a former life.

Please don’t blame me for the awful lot of hairs on the black fabric, it must have been this two-headed monster that was spilling hairs like crazy:

Oh no, wait, it’s just my 2 cats intimately snoring!  phew…

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Not my favorite

The past week I’ve been sewing. It is not really my favorite craft and I’m always having arguments with my sewing machine. There were however two things I really wanted to make. The first thing was this:
What it is? A guinea pig tunnel! Flowers on the outside, soft fleece on the inside. At both ends I sewed in strips of plastic, so that it will stand open. Ronja likes it a lot (please excuse her red capsicum-cheeks):

The second thing I wanted to make was a new case for my oboe. I play baroque oboe but the case that came with my rental instrument was not really protectant (very thin), and had an ugly, violently green colour. So I dashed up some blue and beige flanel from my stash, complemented with extra-volume quilt batting and two wooden buttons. The buttons are very rough and unpolished, which I really like.
I was again struggling with my sewing machine and ended up making it completely by hand. Some work but much more relaxing! I’m really a novice when it comes to sewing so the case is quite basic, but it functions and I’m pleased with it.

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Cats and lace

Today I took some pictures of two of our cats playing outside. First, meet Bob, up to his belly in the snow. Only his green eyes and red fur show off against the white. Isn’t he beautiful?

The little one in the next pics was the latest addition to our family: Maggy. I found her in the fields as a kitten of only 6 weeks old, she had walked a great distance from the farm where she was born. The farmer didn’t want her anymore, so I took her with me. At first she was very wild (bit my finger nail in two when I caught her…), but now she’s a sweet little rascal.

Over the past weeks I’ve been working on my first lace project: a pullover with short sleeves. The body is almost finished and I like the way it turns out (except that yesterday I discovered a mistake in the armhole decreases, so I have to work back a couple of rows). The yarn I’m using for this project is from Japan, the only yarn I bought on our trip through Asia. The name of the brand -Nikke Victor-  doesn’t sound very Japanse, but it is.

Bob was willing to be my assistant, and show this wonderful yarn. In the last 3 pics some close-ups of the pullover-to-be.

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