Volcano malabrigo

In December I participated in a swap organised by the Ravelry group Ew-la-la. I received a very nice package from the US, that included 2 skeins of Malabrigo rios yarn. I had heard about Malabrigo before, how nice and soft it is, and I can only agree. The colourway is called Volcano:

Malabrigo rios volcano

Since the colour is very bright, I thought it would be prettiest to use a lace pattern to break it a little. I found a perfect pattern: the February Fitted Pullover by Amy Herzog (pattern for free here). It was a real pleasure to knit. The only thing that went ‘wrong’ is that the body before the waist decreases turned out too short. I should have added quite some length, but didn’t notice. But if I just pretend it was meant to be like this, and layer it with a longer T-shirt, it actually looks all right, don’t you think?

Malabrigo volcano February fitted pullover

Malabrigo volcano February fitted pullover


Double-knit cable hat

Yesterday I finished knitting a hat my cousin had asked for. I made a very warm, double-knit hat with cables on the brim. It was designed by Dove knits (pattern here). It’s very clever, first you knit one hat, then you pick up stitches along the cat-on edge and make a second hat attached to it, like this:

Double knit hat cablesThe inner hats starts with a couple of cable rows that become visible as the brim is folded outwards. The result is a rather large and heavy, but very warm hat. The yarn I used is Garnstudio drops Alaska, 100% wool.Double knit hat cables Double knit hat cablesDouble knit hat cables

New knits

I’ve been knitting a lot over the past weeks. My first finished objects were two pumpkin hats (Garnstudio drops pattern). The plan was to make one for a friend’s baby, but the first hat turned out so large that it fitted me. Never mind, I like to wear a pumpkin hat myself as well! Then I made a second hat in the right size for the baby.

baby pumpkin hat

This one is the baby’s hat.
I cut the washng instructions from the yarn label and attached it to the hat so that the parents would know how to treat it.


The one below is my own hat. I wore it a couple of times and got the impression that people were watching it in the street!

pumpkin hatPumpkin hat

The second finished object I can show is a lace shawl. The pattern is called Arroyo and can be found for free here. I really liked it as a first-attempt lace shawl, because the lace chart is not too complicated, the shawl is relatively small, and the lace itself is only a strip.
As mentioned before, I used Rowan fine art for this, a sock yarn. I made two small mods to the pattern by knitting the plain part in stockinette instead of garter stitch, and repeating pattern rows 32-35 along the upper edge of the shawl. I think I will give it to my sister in law for Christmas.

Arroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine art

Just a short post to share some great patterns for last-minute Halloween crafting! There’s a nice selection of knitting and crocheting patterns on Yarnspirations:

Halloween knitting and crochet patterns

On the Garnstudio website there are a few cute things also:

Garnstudio Halloween patternsI love the pumpkin hat!

On the other side of the cute-scary spectrum: a shrunken head in a jar

Knitted shrunken head

For small quilts, wall hangings and table runners there’s plenty of inspiration and free patterns collected on the Quilt Inspiration website:

Free Halloween quilt patternsEnjoy!

Waxwing on the island

Recently my husband and I went on a short holiday to an island in the North Sea. It was really beautiful there.

The common sea buckthorn shrubs were heavy with fruits. They are used for fruit drinks but also for lotions and hand creams.Sea buckthorn fruitsSea

On the beach we found a small lobster. It was a bit dried out, but when I put it back in the sea it came back to life and ran off.
North sea lobster

There were some very nice forest fragments as well with beautiful ferns (I love ferns!).Forest with ferns

Of course I did a lot of crafting while on holiday. I worked a bit on my Tillie quilt top but also started a new knitting project: a lace shawl using Rowan fine art, a fine sock yarn. I probably never used such expensive yarn before (18 euro for 100 gram), but then it’s a hand dyed blend of merino wool, kid mohair, mulberry silk and polyamide. The colourway I have is called Waxwing.

Rowan Fine art Waxwing

Harry Potter knits

A few weeks ago, I saw on Ravelry that a knitting magazine would come out with patterns inspired by my favorite book series ever: Harry Potter! Then came the disillusionment: it would only be available in the US. But luckily, many Americans Mail from Canadaon Ravelry were willing to send copies to other parts of the world.
I myself got into contact with someone from Canada whose husband picked up a few copies in the US. She send me one (with a lovely Canadian bookmark attached to it), in exchange for some yarn from my country. It was such a treat when it came in the mail!

Harry Potter knits

There are many nice patterns inside. I like for example the two cloaks, the mermaids shawl and of course Ginny’s cardigan.

Mermaid's song harry potterFred George socks harry potterGinny's cardigan harry potter knits











But before I start any new knitting project I’d like to have my Tillie quilt top finished. It’s nearly there: only two triangle borders left to piece and attach (I’m using this yellow dishcloth to pin the pieces in order). I like how it’s turning out:

Tillie quilt



For my birthday, I received four fat quarters from a member of our quilting bee, two blue, one white and one brown.
Another bee member gave me a very cute pattern for a doll quilt, called Tillie (designed by Jeanneke). The original looks like this:

Tillie original Jeanneke
I decided to enjoy both presents at once, and started working on this pattern using the fabrics I received, supplemented with some more blue, white and brown fabrics. I also added some pink to make it look a bit softer. So far I have nearly finished the centre part:

tillie quilt
With these colours it looks quite different from the original, which has a more traditional feel to it. The pattern is really nice to work on, the pieces are very small but that also means it comes together quickly. And it’s only a few repetitions, so it doesn’t get boring. The star blocks measure about 5 cm (2 inches) across.

I was happy to find a centre panel in exactly the right colours at Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam.

Centre panel tillie quilt
Currently I’m lying on the couch with a bad cold, the upside of which is that I don’t have anything on my mind but petting the cat, drinking hot water and do some stitching (besides coughing and blowing my nose about 300 times per day). So I hope to get this finished soon!