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In September I finally finished a vintage cardigan that I started waaaay long back. I don’t even remember when I started it, but it must 4 or 5 years ago. It was fun to work on, but also very time-consuming, so I often put it away to work on something else. I’m quite proud that it’s finished and that it looks well! The pattern is called Blackberry Cardigan and comes from the wonderful book A Stitch In Time Volume 1 by Susan Crawford. (I recently bought Volume 2 as well, but didn’t like the patterns in that one as much.)

It is a short cardigan that is perfect for wear with vintage-inspired dresses, such as this King Louie dress. I was very happy to find buttons in exactly the same shade at a vintage market. I thought that sewing it together would be a pain, but I actually liked it. It was fun to see how the seams were neatly coming together. I found this video very helpful for setting in the sleeves (even though this cardigan has the purl side out). For sewing the sleeves and side seams, I used the proved method of picking up two of the bars in between the first and second column of stitches.

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