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Palempore quilt

My creative life started with embroidery, soon followed by crochet and knitting. I had many women around me, foremost my mother and grandmothers, who could teach me everything. But quilting is less well known in my country. It got my interest after reading a novel in which a group of women came together to quilt. It sounded wonderful, I went out to the library to look for more information, and started quilting. The funny thing is that over the last year, it now was my turn to teach a craft to my mother! She has recently finished her first pachwork top, and last weekend I showed her how to quilt it.

The only thing about quilting that fools me again and agian is how much work it is to make a quilt! I do everything by hand and since I’m not so fast, even the smallest quilt is taking me forever. The quilt I currently would like to be finished the most is the ‘Palempore quilt’.

It doesn’t look like much work, does it? The whole middle panel was bought as it is, the only thing I had to add were these:

But the quilting took much more time, I worked precisely around each flower and leave on the panel. The only thing left to do now is the quilting of diagonal lines over the white parts of the panel. But I have to admit, what really causes the lengthy period it takes to finish a quilt like this, are all the distractions… so many other things that I want to make!

A few words about the name of this quilt: ‘Palempore’. Although quilting is not particularly well-known today in my country, it does have a long history. The antique quilt in the book below is where I got my inspiration from. It’s dated 18th century, when colourful, printed cottons (chintz) from Asia were very popular. Panels of this kind (usually much larger to make bed coverings) were called palempores.

I’m afraid it will still take some more time before this quilt is finished…

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