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Christmas doggies

Ok – I promise: last Christmas post of this year. But the dogs were so nicely posing for the camera that I must show them here with their special christmas collars. I crocheted a collar for both of the Jack Russells in our family, and attached beautiful bells that I bought on holiday in Tibet. When walking them it sounded like Santa himself was on the way with his sleigh bells! The black one is Jacky, doughter to the white one Molly (who, for Harry Potter fans, bears some similarity to Dobby, don’t you think?).

“Erm, can I please go now…?”

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Christmas Carols

Last year I started on a small Christmas wallquilt, but only the piecing was ready on Christmas day. Since I didn’t find it very inspiring to work on a Christmas quilt in January, I decided I would finish it next year. So at the beginning of this December I dug it up from my sewing room and enjoyed working on it again. The scenes on the quilt are so romantic, I bought the fabric at a Dickens Festival and it really matches the feeling of A Christmal Carol.

The quilting is only very basic, so I wanted to add something extra and gave it a finishing touch of gold paint on the stars and binding. I like the result, the paint gives the plain stars a bit of depth (to be seen on the lower 3 pictures). The uppermost picture shows the original fabric, which had a bright red colour surrounding the scenes. I didn’t like that and bordered them with black fabric.

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Oh, how do I enjoy Christmas time! The cosiness, decorating the house, going to Christmas markets and the night mass… I really love this season. I do feel a bit embarrased to say, though, that this year I started looking forward to it as early as september… that’s not normal is it? Well, at the moment I feel justified to work on some Christmas decoration, after all it’s December tomorrow.

The things I’d like to show today are some small ornaments. They are made from felt, embroidery thread, filling, ribbon, and some decorative buttons and bells. Not much to say about it for the rest, here come the pictures.



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