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Not my favorite

The past week I’ve been sewing. It is not really my favorite craft and I’m always having arguments with my sewing machine. There were however two things I really wanted to make. The first thing was this:
What it is? A guinea pig tunnel! Flowers on the outside, soft fleece on the inside. At both ends I sewed in strips of plastic, so that it will stand open. Ronja likes it a lot (please excuse her red capsicum-cheeks):

The second thing I wanted to make was a new case for my oboe. I play baroque oboe but the case that came with my rental instrument was not really protectant (very thin), and had an ugly, violently green colour. So I dashed up some blue and beige flanel from my stash, complemented with extra-volume quilt batting and two wooden buttons. The buttons are very rough and unpolished, which I really like.
I was again struggling with my sewing machine and ended up making it completely by hand. Some work but much more relaxing! I’m really a novice when it comes to sewing so the case is quite basic, but it functions and I’m pleased with it.

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