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Although I like the summer season, I’m always happy when autumn is in the air again. We live near the woods and I just love the the sight of yellow and brown trees, the scent of fallen leaves. This weekend a friend came visiting and we went out to go look for mushrooms.

Soon we saw this little fellow:

A few hours and three different kinds of mushroom later, we went home and gave them a total make-over:

They were delicious!

That morning I already made a pumpkin cake following a wonderful recipe; I think it was the best cake I ever made (which is not that difficult as I do not make cakes that often, but still). How can it go wrong with pumpkin, chocolate and pecans in one cake, iced with lemon butter cream?

I’ll first show what my kitchen looked liked after I made the butter cream, that unfortunately included one explosion of powdered sugar:

But it was all worth it:

So far with all the cooking. I did some crafty things too!
Already three years ago now, I made a small cross stitch Quaker alphabet:
(the free pattern can be found here)

Over the past days, I made a narrow patchwork border for it to make a small wall hanging. But there is still one side left to be finished with binding, so the FO pics will have to wait for next post.

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This weekend we went to the woods, where the heather is in full bloom.

It was beautiful, all that purple!

It reminded me of the jumper I made last year with heather coloured yarn. It was a free Garnstudio pattern and I made it with Drops Alpaca yarn. Garnstudio is one of my favorite brands, I really appreciate that all their patterns are free and so easy to search through.

In my experience, Garnstudio patterns are always a bit on the large side. I like fitted knits, so I made some mods to the pattern. To start with I used needles 0,5 mm smaller than indicated, I skipped 3 of 5 increases above the waistline, skipped 4 of 8 increases in the sleeves, and made the sleeves 48 instead of 40 cm long. Finally I made some short rows around the neckline, so that it wouldn’t be so wide.
The shirred pattern on the yoke was really fun to make. I liked working with the Alpaca yarn, but when wearing it I do find it quite itchy, so I’m always having a long-sleeved shirt under it. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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