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Yesterday I finished knitting a hat my cousin had asked for. I made a very warm, double-knit hat with cables on the brim. It was designed by Dove knits (pattern here). It’s very clever, first you knit one hat, then you pick up stitches along the cat-on edge and make a second hat attached to it, like this:

Double knit hat cablesThe inner hats starts with a couple of cable rows that become visible as the brim is folded outwards. The result is a rather large and heavy, but very warm hat. The yarn I used is Garnstudio drops Alaska, 100% wool.Double knit hat cables Double knit hat cablesDouble knit hat cables

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New knits

I’ve been knitting a lot over the past weeks. My first finished objects were two pumpkin hats (Garnstudio drops pattern). The plan was to make one for a friend’s baby, but the first hat turned out so large that it fitted me. Never mind, I like to wear a pumpkin hat myself as well! Then I made a second hat in the right size for the baby.

baby pumpkin hat

This one is the baby’s hat.
I cut the washng instructions from the yarn label and attached it to the hat so that the parents would know how to treat it.


The one below is my own hat. I wore it a couple of times and got the impression that people were watching it in the street!

pumpkin hatPumpkin hat

The second finished object I can show is a lace shawl. The pattern is called Arroyo and can be found for free here. I really liked it as a first-attempt lace shawl, because the lace chart is not too complicated, the shawl is relatively small, and the lace itself is only a strip.
As mentioned before, I used Rowan fine art for this, a sock yarn. I made two small mods to the pattern by knitting the plain part in stockinette instead of garter stitch, and repeating pattern rows 32-35 along the upper edge of the shawl. I think I will give it to my sister in law for Christmas.

Arroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine artArroyo lace shawl Rowan fine art

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Today my DH and I were taking a walk in the forest, and the best thing was: he was finally wearing the pullover I made for him when we had our 5-year anniversary – THREE YEARS AGO. In all those years he only wore it twice, today and last winter. The thing is so warm that it can only be used outside, and only when it’s cold.

The pattern’s very basic, but I was proud of it since it’s the first pullover I ever made. I made one crucial beginner’s mistake: the bind-off around the turtle neck is very tight, which makes the whole turtle neck look weird. Oh well. The yarn is Drops Garnstudio Highlander (discontinued, so don’t go look for it) with a very special colourway: brown/orange at first sight, but it has blue, purple, yellow and green in it when you look closely.

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As I mentioned in the last post, I used some leftover yarn for the baby cardigan. Today I’ll show you the other project that was made with this yarn. It’s a vest made for myself, and it’s a combination of two patterns. For the shape of it, I followed the directions of the Blush pattern by Kessa. The colourwork is from the Fresco colorwork wrap vest by Veronik Avery.

I like how it turned out, but if I were to knit this again, I would add some waist shaping and maybe start with a few less stitches. Now that I’ve worn it a couple of times, the fabric has stretched a bit and I liked it more with some negative ease. Nevertheless I would surely recommend the Blush pattern, one could do so many things with it when adding different colour charts!


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Finished the baby cardi today. It was my admirable intention to use up some stash for this project, because -as any knitter- I’m gaining more and more yarn. From an earlier project I had some blue and white Karisma left over, which I thought would be great for this baby shower gift. Long story short: with just half a sleeve left to be knitted, I ran out of wool and had to buy a new skein – so after finishing I ended up with the new blue skein still nearly complete and one white skein untouched. Well, let’s look at it from the bright side, that’s one skein less than I started with…

The pattern is from Garnstudio again. I’m really fond of Scandinavian knitting. Four little deer on the front, four on the back. It’s just cute!

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This weekend we went to the woods, where the heather is in full bloom.

It was beautiful, all that purple!

It reminded me of the jumper I made last year with heather coloured yarn. It was a free Garnstudio pattern and I made it with Drops Alpaca yarn. Garnstudio is one of my favorite brands, I really appreciate that all their patterns are free and so easy to search through.

In my experience, Garnstudio patterns are always a bit on the large side. I like fitted knits, so I made some mods to the pattern. To start with I used needles 0,5 mm smaller than indicated, I skipped 3 of 5 increases above the waistline, skipped 4 of 8 increases in the sleeves, and made the sleeves 48 instead of 40 cm long. Finally I made some short rows around the neckline, so that it wouldn’t be so wide.
The shirred pattern on the yoke was really fun to make. I liked working with the Alpaca yarn, but when wearing it I do find it quite itchy, so I’m always having a long-sleeved shirt under it. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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