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Oh, how do I enjoy Christmas time! The cosiness, decorating the house, going to Christmas markets and the night mass… I really love this season. I do feel a bit embarrased to say, though, that this year I started looking forward to it as early as september… that’s not normal is it? Well, at the moment I feel justified to work on some Christmas decoration, after all it’s December tomorrow.

The things I’d like to show today are some small ornaments. They are made from felt, embroidery thread, filling, ribbon, and some decorative buttons and bells. Not much to say about it for the rest, here come the pictures.



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Applepie sweethearts

Before going to the forest last sunday, I really felt like making a pie. I only had ingredients for apple pie, so apple pie it was! A nice chance to use my heartshaped bakeware. I don’t usually make pictures of food, but I couldn’t resist!

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