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This weekend we went to the woods, where the heather is in full bloom.

It was beautiful, all that purple!

It reminded me of the jumper I made last year with heather coloured yarn. It was a free Garnstudio pattern and I made it with Drops Alpaca yarn. Garnstudio is one of my favorite brands, I really appreciate that all their patterns are free and so easy to search through.

In my experience, Garnstudio patterns are always a bit on the large side. I like fitted knits, so I made some mods to the pattern. To start with I used needles 0,5 mm smaller than indicated, I skipped 3 of 5 increases above the waistline, skipped 4 of 8 increases in the sleeves, and made the sleeves 48 instead of 40 cm long. Finally I made some short rows around the neckline, so that it wouldn’t be so wide.
The shirred pattern on the yoke was really fun to make. I liked working with the Alpaca yarn, but when wearing it I do find it quite itchy, so I’m always having a long-sleeved shirt under it. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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