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Last moth I saw a picture of a kusudama on a blog that I follow. A kusudama is a flower ball made of folded paper, and the art of making it goes back to ancient Japanese culture.

I liked this flower ball it so much I immediately gave it a try myself, with the help of a very comprehensive video tutorial. My first kusudama was made of simple coloured note paper:

First kusudama(these are not three kusudama’s, but three pictures of a single one)

After making the first, I couldn’t stop. So I bought some nicely coloured origami paper:

Origami paper

This paper is called Corona Harmony, manufactured by Grimmhobby. Each sheet was 15 x 15 cm but I cut them into four pieces of 7.5 x 7.5 cm each. The colouring of this paper is perfectly suitable for folding flowers: inside and outside had different colours, with the shades gradually changing towards the heart of the flower.

Kusudama flowers

I made two kusudama’s out of this paper, a pink and a green one. In the middle of each flower I glued a small golden bead, which really adds the finishing touch (click to enlarge the pictures).

Second kusudama

Third kusudama

For some reason it is quite addictive to fold kusudama’s! I´m now working on two more of each. They would make a nice gift for someone who appreciates crafty stuff.

Two kusudama´s

Some notes if you’d like to make these kusudama’s yourself. You need 2 packages of Grimmhobby Corona Harmony origimi paper to make one pink and one green kusudama, or 3 packages to make two of each. In one package there are 10 pink sheets (in two different shades), 10 green sheets (in two different shades) and 5 dark blue sheets (which I haven’t used). You need 60 small squares to make one flower, so that means 15 sheets of this paper, each cut into 4 squares. For instructions how to make a kusudama I would recommend the above-mentioned video tutorial.

Kusudama pink and blue green

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