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Rag quilt

Rag quiltOver the past two weeks, I’ve made a rag quilt together with some colleagues. It was a gift for another colleague, who is going through a difficult time right now. She really loved it. On the picture above is the front of the quilt, the side with the ragged edges. On the picture below is the back side, where all people of our group wrote their names on the 32 plain blue-grey squares.

rag quilt

It was such fun to work on this quilt! I had never made a rag quilt before and wanted to try it for ages. We followed the directions of this tutorial. Only, instead of sewing a cross over each square, we sewed a smaller square so that the names on the back would not be sewn over. And instead of having a frilled edge, I added a border with regular binding.

Rag quiltFirst we cut a bunch of 8 inch/20 cm squares of the plain blue-grey fabric and let all our colleagues write their names on them. Some people even added beads or a little embroidery. We also cut squares out of six patterned fabrics. Flannels are perfect for this type of quilt, but we couldn’t find nice ones so we used regular cotton. During two sewing evenings we assembled the quilt, and this weekend I added the border and binding.

Rag quilt rag quiltI washed this quilt at 40 C, but that didn’t really do anything for the frills. Perhaps a higher temperature would have been better, but the fabric markers were only washable up till 40 C. So I called a friend who has a dryer, and that made things a little better. The frills are still not as fluffy and curled up as they can be, but I guess they will get better over time. Rag quilt



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