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A few days ago I bought some new yarn and started knitting a sweater with it right away. Material: 100% bamboo. Colour: gorgeous, blinding pink!

The yarn is new in the Linea pura line of Lana grossa. I read on Ravelry that bamboo items grow a lot when worn, but I hope that my sweater will have less of that tendency as this yarn is some kind of woven ribbon. Anyway I choose a pattern with positive ease so that it wouldn’t be such a problem when it gets bigger. I already had to frog once and since my gauge perfectly matches the label I have to conclude that the pattern is completely off. Instead of 24 rows per 10 cm, the pattern requires 31 (44 rows in 14 cm)…that can’t be right. Also the nr of stitches to cast on for size 36/38 resulted in a HUGE sweater, I changed from 104 to 78 stiches!

I had lots of time to knit past weekend, when we were in a traffic yam for 3 hours on our way back from Hamburg, on top of the normal traveling time of 4 hours. Probably no one really understands why in Germany they first have to break up ALL the roads they maybe, possibly, some time in the future want to work on, and then leave it as is for some years…

I’ll post some random pictures that I took there that I like. The first one seems a very normal staircase, and it is, but I always have a soft spot for such old staircases. They seem to breathe the energies of all the people that over the years put their feet on the steps, held their hands on the handrail. Maybe it is the indirect light that makes me dreaming. The other pics are from a very cute little restaurant where we had breakfast.

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