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For my birthday, I received four fat quarters from a member of our quilting bee, two blue, one white and one brown.
Another bee member gave me a very cute pattern for a doll quilt, called Tillie (designed by Jeanneke). The original looks like this:

Tillie original Jeanneke
I decided to enjoy both presents at once, and started working on this pattern using the fabrics I received, supplemented with some more blue, white and brown fabrics. I also added some pink to make it look a bit softer. So far I have nearly finished the centre part:

tillie quilt
With these colours it looks quite different from the original, which has a more traditional feel to it. The pattern is really nice to work on, the pieces are very small but that also means it comes together quickly. And it’s only a few repetitions, so it doesn’t get boring. The star blocks measure about 5 cm (2 inches) across.

I was happy to find a centre panel in exactly the right colours at Den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam.

Centre panel tillie quilt
Currently I’m lying on the couch with a bad cold, the upside of which is that I don’t have anything on my mind but petting the cat, drinking hot water and do some stitching (besides coughing and blowing my nose about 300 times per day). So I hope to get this finished soon!

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Christmas Carols

Last year I started on a small Christmas wallquilt, but only the piecing was ready on Christmas day. Since I didn’t find it very inspiring to work on a Christmas quilt in January, I decided I would finish it next year. So at the beginning of this December I dug it up from my sewing room and enjoyed working on it again. The scenes on the quilt are so romantic, I bought the fabric at a Dickens Festival and it really matches the feeling of A Christmal Carol.

The quilting is only very basic, so I wanted to add something extra and gave it a finishing touch of gold paint on the stars and binding. I like the result, the paint gives the plain stars a bit of depth (to be seen on the lower 3 pictures). The uppermost picture shows the original fabric, which had a bright red colour surrounding the scenes. I didn’t like that and bordered them with black fabric.

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