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Years ago, we received a Buddha statue. It is always said that a Buddha statue should be given to you and not bought yourself, so I was quite happy having received one. Strangely enhough it came from a person that I didn’t feel much sympathy for and whom I would never see again, which made it all the more special.

But I always thought that the colouring was a bit too rough for in the living room, as if the statue was ment for the garden. But then we got a good idea last year when we were so lucky to be able to visit Tibet. There, most statues in monasteries and temples are golden:

So the plan was born to also paint our statue golden. This week I finally took up the pencils, and I was amazed how much the statue changed! See for yourself, first the before and than the after pic:

Great isn’t it, how the face seems to come alive? I can imagine that some people prefer the white over the ‘kitsch’ gold, pink & green, but I do like a bit of kitsch now and then… :-)

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