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Yay, my lace pullover is finished! It took me quite a while to knit, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

The yarn was bought in Japan, and this pullover reminds me a bit of the women in Tokyo: classy, elegant, with eye for details. I’m not so much of the classy type, but I did my best for the pictures, haha. I actually wore this combination already to a birthday party and felt very smart in it! (-;

The blocking was a scary moment, because the label said that the yarn couldn’t be washed, not even by hand – probably because of the silk in it. I only found that out when I was halfway my pullover, as the label was in Japanese only (thank you Japanese knitting group on Ravelry). In the end I did soak it completely, but was careful not to let it stretch and -pfew!- it turned out fine.

This lace pullover was designed by Vera Sanon and the (clear and well written) pattern is free for download on the website of Cascade yarns. I used the yarn Silk et Soie by Nikke Victor. Ravelers, visit my project here.

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